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Which Promotional Products would be good for my business?

“Which Promotional Products would be good for my business?” is a question I’m frequently asked by the curious at networking events. For anyone who’s not considered the potential of branded merchandise in their marketing, it’s a fair question, but one that’s virtually impossible to answer on the hoof.

Whilst I’m sure there are products, branded with your logo or message, that would suit your business well and really enhance your marketing efforts, to identify the ideal business gift would take a little more exploration.

Most fundamentally, with this as with any marketing activity, should be your target audience – who are you trying to attract? And why? Promotional products can be used at different stages of lifecycle marketing, each of which may require different items to achieve the objective, whether that be developing leads, increasing conversion or building loyalty.

Another important consideration, which ties in with the ‘why’ above, is the message – what one or two key points are you seeking to convey or want the recipient to remember? And then, what are the best ways to get your message to your target market?

I say ‘ways’ because it’s unlikely a single media will, in itself, be successful. Ever heard of the marketing rule of seven? It suggests that your prospective customers will need to see or hear your message seven times before they’re likely to buy from you. So it’s important a marketing campaign uses a variety of ways to present your message to give it real impact.

Good news is that branded merchandise can really help with this. A well chosen gift that’s functional yet desirable, relevant to your brand yet appropriate to your customer, is likely to be kept and used over and over again, creating repeated exposure to your brand and/or message. This can help build an emotional connection with your client, help keep you in the forefront of their mind and makes them better disposed to buying from you.

A final consideration when selecting promotional products is your budget and time contraints. Even a modest order can cost several hundred pounds. Whilst some products can be supplied within a week or so, two to three weeks is average and some products can take over a month to be delivered to you, so plan ahead, not last minute!

However, it could be the best few hundred quid you invest … if it leads to selecting that appropriate product that adds punch to your campaign and brings you a customer. Then consider the lifetime value of that customer and you’ll realise why smart marketers use business gifts to reward customers and build loyalty.

If you’re struggling to generate leads or engage with prospective customers, or have a problem with customer retention and churn, and would like to further explore promotional products and how they could complement your marketing plans, I’m always happy to have a conversation.

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