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Things I can do for you

Whether you need a little assistance with selecting and customising products, or you’d like to delegate more of the task, I’m here to help. Below is the additional services I offer. You can, of course, do it all yourself. Just skip to the Shop page for this option.


Knowing where and how to start can sometimes be the biggest block to any action, whether that be branded merchandise or anything else. If you’re new to selecting and using promotional products, this can be particularly so. But I’m here to offer guidance and advice, and set you on the right track.

My free download, “Merchandise Made Easy”, could be a good starting point. If you haven’t already requested a copy, please do. And if that doesn’t go far enough, contact me directly by email, phone or text and I’ll offer extra help.

So, how can I help you?


For use of branded merchandise to work, or any marketing activity for that matter, it should be part of a marketing plan and strategy. Experienced marketers know and do this but smaller businesses and organisations may have a challenge with it. The consequence is often limited funds mis-spent on ineffective marketing with little return on their investment.

If you don’t have a marketing plan, I can work with you to create a plan and strategy that helps move your business towards the growth you desire. We will work through all the appropriate steps to craft a plan, whether or not branded merchandise is an appropriate part of the plan. I would never encourage you towards promotional products, or any other marketing activity, unless it formed a strategic role within the plan.


Good quality design and high resolution artwork are at the heart of any printed product that creates positive brand impact.

Whether you already have artwork that just needs adapting for the purpose or you’re starting completely from scratch, I and my associates can get you sorted. We can create a design that suits your requirements and/or adapt artwork to suit the application. There may be an additional charge for this service.


We’re not talking about carrying out a sentence of death here but the process of putting your plan into effect. Having crafted your marketing plan, the next stage is to implement it. If you, your business or organisation lacks the capacity or skill to do this, I can do it for you.

This, of course, is a premium service but may cost less than you’d think. It is particularly appropriate if you only need a marketing professional on a part-time basis. And implementing your plan isn’t confined to the branded merchandise aspect of your plan if, indeed, such merchandise even features in your plan. I and my associates can work to deliver the actions within your plan and help you achieve your desired growth.

If this is for you, please get in contact and we can arrange a mutually convenient appointment to meet and discuss your requirements.


I like to be responsive and meet my clients’ specific needs. Adding my Marketing expertise and knowledge of branded merchandise to your own knowledge of your business, we can craft a campaign that will complement and add value to your marketing effort. Explore further my services below.s

Do It Yourself

Select, customise and order merchandise online

Done With You

If you need some help selecting products and customising it with your artwork

Done For You

My complete done for you option that makes every hassle free

Helping you get noticed and remembered