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So, why would any business or organisation spend good money on promotional merchandise?

“Which Promotional Products would be good for my business?” is a question I’m frequently asked by the curious at networking events.

Marketing in general, and promotional products in particular, are all an expense and can be a needless cost unless they are deployed correctly.

I’ve never rated sending Business-to-Business Christmas cards as a great idea.

The British summer is drawing to a close and most folk’s vacation is becoming a distant memory, brought to mind by that fridge magnet each time they go for the milk

How to get more sales is a vexing question facing many smaller business owners.

So, you’ve decided to exhibit at a trade or business show. But how do you ensure it will be a success?

First impressions are lasting impressions and in a crowded marketplace, each of us in business has two marketing challenges; Getting noticed and Getting remembered.